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Traditional Japanese-style inn where guests can literally absorbed in
hot spring bath-Myoken Ishiharaso

We, at Myoken Ishiharaso, always show respect to one of the blessings ofnature 
hot springs, or onsen, and we have been working on the best way to
offer it for our guests without reducing its power.
We believe that hot springs are a living thing. You are always welcome to
enjoy them and please feel the blessing of nature at our hotel.
You will be contened with our distinctive  hot springs by feeling an
abundant amount of flowing hot water. The hot spring water of Myoken Onsen
village is famous for containing a proper amount of carbonic acid gas and
iron. Hot springs here have long been popular among people as it is said to
cure wounds and therefore it is nicknamed as the “hot springs of sodapop.”
Myoken Ishiharaso is located at an area along a mountain river, the
Amorigawa, running from the Kirishima mountain system and surrounded by
forests of Japanese cedars and other trees. The site have 10,000 tsubo
(33,000m3), including large variety of wild flowers bloom out each season.
When looking down in the Amorigawa, you will find signs of fish like
sweetfish, Japanese dace and carp . Eagles, grey wagtails, crested
kingfishers and common halcyons also visit and play around Myoken
Ishiharaso is a favored by such a valuable living natures.

Located within a 15-minute distance from Kagoshima Airport or Hayato railway

Address: 4376 Kareigawa, Hayatocho, Kirishima City, Kagoshima
Prefecture 899-5113
TEL: 0995-77-2111
FAX: 0995-77-2842